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Audi Super Bowl Ad Encourages Violence – Mental Illness – Lanza, Audi, Newtown.

Really? Can’t executives see this connection at all?

Normally I keep my content happy, but I need to speak my mind about this utterly offensive ad.. .the Audi ad my girls saw during the Super Bowl game. Yes, there were quite a few disgusting, insulting ads (go daddy, some shirt ad). Most were perverted, over sexual, gross – and maybe that’s football – I don’t really watch football ads too much, but this one really got under my skin – especially as the country is trying to deal with the Newtown tragedy AND trying to discover what is going on in our children’s heads and hearts.

This speaks to the insanity of our American culture. Boy on his own, driving too fast, who has a totally different personality on his own than when he’s with his family, breaking rules, committing inappropriate sexual acts, being part of violence and enjoying it, driving off like a super hero after acting like an irresponsible “disrupter” on all kinds of levels. I am embarrassed. I am appalled that people on twitter like kevin jonas  @kevinjonas who says: “Bravery it’s what defines us! -awesome commercial #audi”. Really? That’s bravery? A wealthy kid driving in his parents Audi to mess things up for everyone? To assault a woman? To me it’s sounds like an adolescent who needs attention and who is mentally disturbed. Why is Audi glorifying this kind of behavior? Why are you Kevin Jonas?

My kids watched this live with me and they were so excited that the boy was going to the prom – it turned ugly. I wonder if this reckless media culture is what helps to create kids like Adam Lanza… alienated, uncomfortable, false sense of power brought on by the mechanics of guns and cars, alone in the night, getting revenge, taking what does not belong to them (parking space), touching on the beginnings of date rape, and parents, having no clue as to what is going on with their own child.

Shame Audi. How can top execs with millions of dollars promote such mentally ill morality for our children. What a waste. Please take it down Audi.
p.s. Parents – please be careful about the media your kids ingest. Main stream media has one thing in mind – to make money and sell goods. They do it with shock and awe and don’t give the ramifications of the messages they put out a second thought. I want my children’s young and open minds protected. This is the reason I make music and videos for kids – to give parents a safe place to bring their children, to create content that fills kids with love, light and positivity.  Don’t trust corporate America to raise your children and help them develop character. If they learn anything “positive” from the media – consider it a lucky one-off…don’t count on it.
Please get involve in the discussion about kids and healthy media at sites like:
– By Deborah Poppink Hirshland (DidiPop)

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