About DidiPopMoms

Married to my music publisher at 40, first baby at 40, second baby at 43. And getting two step-sons to boot. Now mixing the momhood with the music and learning a thousand things a day about myself and about life, business, branding music and love. I hope to learn and share and learn and share.

One astrologer told me that I was an “integrator”, that all the things in my life that i feel and i do and i care about are intertwined. When I make realizations about things, I intertwine them even more and usually, hopefully, come up with t=seomthing that brings me to a new level of awareness.

Now that I am a mom ( i was lucky to finally meet my mate and marry and breed at 40 ) it’s an incredible life I have as a musician, mother, wife, business woman, artist, performer teacher, creator. I’ve learned to animate, play spoons, bake ice cream cakes, read upside-down, accompany choirs at school, do quick change onstage for kids, write award-winning songs, record with awesome musicians in Nashville, make videos and even convince my stubborn husband to take antibiotics when he needs them.

so, another mommy blog huh? Well, this is the mix that is DidiPopMoms…


I love and adore and am compelled to make music. I was piano teacher to the stars kids in L.A. for 18 years. I’ve fronted my own bands and taught music all over the world (from Vietnam to Laus from Tahiti and Turkey) I started playing piano when I was 3 and started recording myself at 11. Guitar, drums, and then protools. So fun to make music – it’s part of my DNA and flows through my blood, straight from my heart.


Probably because I was a lonely only child and always wished for a fairy god-mother, Mary Poppins, magic music person to sing to me and take me off on adventures. I see children on the street and I start singing to them and making them smile. I can’t help myself. I also feel strongly, probably due to my overstimulated past as a “60’s flower child”, that music and kids’ content should be safe, nurturing and smart. Pop radio has always pushed limits… for me “really love your peaches wanna shake your tree” was about as risqué as it got. And isn’t that cute too? Poetic with a hidden double meaning perhaps? But today, it’s not Rihanna’s lyric about “Whips and Chain”s that annoys me, it’s that some parents play this stuff for their 5 year olds. Kids need a safe space – they need time to have their own feelings about the world – about mangos and trucks and flowers and compasses and stars and pastels…before grown-ups bombard them with these mature (i guess) ideas of love.


I am compelled to teach. When I figure something out, I like to shout it out my sunroof and alert the media. RAW HONEY!!!!!! try it today and boost your immune system. I just figured that one out and want you to know!


I’ve loved advertising and PR. That was my dad’s thing (he had a PR company, a sailing magazine and was a wonderful photographer). I studied communications and media at Berkeley. As a kids I loved selling seeds, making lemonade stands, designing and manufacturing boxer shorts for women  (sewn up and dyed  where I’d sell them on the Venice Boardwalk. And the writing? My parents met at Northwestern in the Journalism department. My mom is an author and I’ve been journaling since I was 9. It just fascinates me: to make stuff, create stuff, write words, get it out there  and sell it. And my dad taught me that one of his greatest joys in life was surviving on his own wits. I really like being my own boss.


This internet thing… so many avenues and if you are into it, you maybe have stumbled upon my “black hole” concept. You can tweet and facebook and update and network until the cows jump over the moon, there is always more to do and no “right” way to do it. The trick is knowing what’s the right things for me at the right time. I’ve been taking some classes and learning a lot about branding. interesting stuff.


Oh the millions of lessons I learn on a daily basis. Today I taught about free-way exits and when you can change lanes. My girls are 4 and 7, and they seem to “get” everything.  Was I that aware and open and receptive at that age? Maybe we all were and still are. My girls have been in occupational therapy, have had seizures, and been to the ER numerous times, they are on stage with me and help me animate, cook and put on plays for us EVERY night. They are the joy of my life and my greatest teachers.


As a Berkeley grad and a child from the hippie culter, i never dreamed that i’d be a house wife, drive a mini-van, wear an apron and design lamp-shades. but i am here doing it, loving it and also challenged by it (mostly by the time it takes to get things done and most of all staying organized and de cluttered).  But of course, as I figure it out, i’d like to share it here.


I love talking about films I see that make an impression on me. I love sharing how I make things and about technology things….photoshop, protools, illustrator, cooking.

So, that’s enough about me. And that’s what you’ll get here at DidiPopMoms: Kids, Music, Art, Branding, Cooking, Mothering, Organizing (ha!) and CREATING. Thanks for subscribing.


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