Randy Kaplan at McCabe’s, February 20, 2011

21 Feb

Just got back from McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica with my girls. We saw the entertaining and energetic Randy Kaplan. He is really fantastic. Why you might ask? Well…

Randy Kaplan and his great story songs

Randy is a talented musician, which I appreciate and I think parents do too. I imagine that some parents might not be excited about waking up early on a Sunday morning to get to a “kids show” fearing that the music may be amateur (and/or mediocre) and the lyrics might be mundane (or just plain boring).

Randy Kaplan is neither amateur nor mundane. In fact, he is a real pro, on stage as a player and performer and as a witty and appropriate lyricist for kids AND parents.

He can effortlessly switch back and forth from talking about “Middle English” and Chaucer, to what fun it would be to take a bath in grape juice (“not the white kind, but the purple kind, where you can hold it up to the light, enjoy the color and check out the vintage”). His mind is as fast as a jack rabbit and his lips are even quicker.

DidiPop (Deborah Poppink) and Randy Kaplan at McCabe’s

On the way home, when I asked my girls, “What was your favorite Randy song from the show?”, Delilah said, “The Dinosaur Song”. Hannah said, “The Mosquito Song”. And I said, “What about the grape juice song?” and they said, “Yes!” and then Hannah added, “Every song!”. They eventually both decided that they liked all of them, but Delilah chimed in “The Dinosaur Song is still the best”.

Randy is about to go on tour (study his tour schedule here), so check him out when he comes to a town near you. One day I’d like to catch his adult show (which I am guessing is totally entertaining), but for now I highly recommend the kids show .

Kindie Music Rocks!


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